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Amy Lewis - October 15, 2019

‘Blind identical twin pianists nominated for
Women of the Year.
Fabiana and Paula Chávez are blind pianists who have performed concerts together across the world.
The pair are have completed their masters at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in Greenwich.’
Kyle Macdonald - January 16, 2019

‘The incredible story of blind twins Fabiana and Paula Chavez and their life of piano duets.
The world is full of stories of the power of music and this story is a genuinely remarkable one.’
Louise Minchin - December 27, 2018

Accomplished pianist Fabiana and Paula chat to Louise about their fight to break down obstacles despite they have lost their sight. They are currently doing their master’s at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.
Barry Snell - December 13, 2018

RNIB Connect Radio's Barry Snell caught up with Fabiana and Paula, to learn more about their prestigious talents and to find out about their latest project 'Piano Sin Barreras' (Piano Without Barriers).
Katie Derham - December 3, 2018

Twin sisters Paula and Fabiana Chavez perform and speak about their “Piano sin Barreras” project.
Sarah Vine and Alice Smellie - November 28th, 2018

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‘Identical twins Fabiana and Paula, from Argentina, are almost completely blind, but that hasn’t prevented their astounding piano recitals.
Their worldwide project Piano sin Barreras (Piano Without Barriers) helps musicians with visual impairments find alternative methods of reading scores.’
Emanuela Clari De Julis - August 19, 2017 -

“Two splendid artists are changing the world of visually-impaired musicians. Their lives are unique and extremely inspiring. The Magazyne is honoured to share with you Fabiana and Paula ‘story and their unbelievable achievements…“.
María Areces - March 01, 2017

“Beautiful, twins, intelligent, pianists and blind. Fabiana and Paula not only share their story with us, but they also teach us a lesson in life that is ummissable and touching… “
RNIB CONNECT RADIO - Alice Glossop - March 18th, 2016

“The RNIB Music Advisory service recently hosted a piano recital performed by blind twins Fabiana and Paula Chávez. The sisters are from Argentina and have lost their sight over the last seven years due to a genetic condition. Having trained as pianists at university, they performed across the world, and after they lost their sight they wanted to continue developing their techniques. They now work towards helping visually impaired music students find the best way to read music scores and progress their playing…“
María Areces - October 10, 2014

“During our conversation, I had the feeling they had won the fight, that their inner strength prevails over any physical impairment. Moreover, they are two very talented pianists, full of joy and happiness… “
Claudio Mamud - July 01, 2012

“We tend to relate the words triumph and success with celebrities, people that earn a lot of money and the ones that are apparently good at a certain activity.
A lot of people seek that “success” and get frustrated when they feel that they cannot achieve it. It is sad that they think that way, because the real triumph in life is achieved when you overcome the obstacles that you face. Therefore, there are many more successful people than just those few people.
We are interviewing two artists that have triumphed in life, Paula and Fabiana Chávez, because they have overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle preventing them from continuing their passion for music. Patience, perseverance and strong beliefs in their goals have enabled them to play the piano again after losing their sight, and what is more, thoroughly enjoy doing it…”
Marcia Carmo - November 15, 2011

“…For the twins Paula and Fabiana Chávez, the world is full of shadows and sounds. They were diagnosed with a rare disease at the age of 13 that has little by little left them blind. The Argentinean sisters dealt with their condition through their musical activity, recently resumed with the aid of a computer programme…”
Victoria De Masi - October 20, 2011

“Each note corresponds to a light movement of the torso. The register of the notes is in the subtlety of the gesture. Sitting at the keyboard, Fabiana and Paula Chávez are playing Mozart´s Sonata K521 in C Major. The sister´s elbows touch as if marking a limit and also a point of reference. It is an open grand piano but they can barely make it out…”